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More information about the whole topic of energy management


At ERM we are great believers in assessments. They let you know where you are. And re-doing them periodically shows the progress being made. So why not download this well-proven tool, provided with permission, to gauge your organisation’s overall situation.

Want to learn more about the relationship between temperature and energy requirements?  Click here for details about degree days.




Client successes and what they say about ERM




“This work exceeded our expectations. It allowed us to identify what was really important so we will be able to focus our money, time and attention on those factors and avoid getting sidetracked. The recommendations were particularly helpful.”

Division General Manager, sustainability award winning specialty chemicals company



“Your work allowed us to understand much more about where we were using energy, what we were really paying for it, and what the opportunities were for us to cut consumption and costs”

Executive Director, global banking giant



“Using ERM as our energy management coach, the hotel has been able to average US$235,000 a year in savings, and to dramatically reduce its environmental footprint at the same time. Fifteen million kilograms of carbon dioxide less, just for starters.”

Hotel General Manager of 200 room resort





Case Studies


Please feel free to contact us to request any of these case studies.


Case Study #1: The Triumph of Intention

After four years of vague and unfocused efforts to follow the ‘green’ examples from competitors, this corporate executive found that a tightly intentional effort with well thought out metrics produced significant and very satisfying outcomes at multiple levels.


Case Study #2: Appreciating the Changing Stakeholder Landscape

While both the board and the senior executive team had long acknowledged the growing importance of external factors, not the simple ‘cut, cut, cut’ maxim of days gone by, it was only a rude awakening which brought about a new strategy with energy management excellence at its core.


Case Study #3: A Reality Check on So-called Energy Savings

The Energy Management Maturity Model helped this financial services giant appreciate that one party’s 80/20 Rule was another party’s 20/80 end result. And set them on the path to never repeating that hard lesson.




More information about ERM


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