Is this your situation?

Clients of ERM are decision-makers searching for new ideas to improve their organisation’s future.

Some have a focus on creating value. Some have a focus on controlling or reducing expenditure. Some have a focus on cash flow. And some have a focus on sustainability goals. Yet one thing they all have in common is their desire to innovate and perform at best practice levels.



Types of Clients We Serve


You are a senior corporate executive with problems like these:

* Capex you have approved in the past has not produced the returns promised. Smaller energy bills, maybe, but how much reached the bottom line? And how long did any profit improvement last?

* Energy spend is not getting a share of attention and effort commensurate with the dollar value of that spend, let alone with the weight some of your important stakeholders give this undeniably impactful resource.

* Energy management efforts are not delivering competitive advantage; most of the efforts are just to catch up with what the competitors are already doing.



You are a business unit executive with problems like these:

* Mediocre is something you reject. Yet it would be hard to describe your team’s energy management as anything but average.

* The corporate office is reluctant to fund yet another new generation of technology or another round of retrofits, which makes it difficult to make continuous improvements or to hit targets for energy reduction (or its proxy, carbon).

* The need to attract and then retain the best talent is huge, but the best people don’t want to work where things like energy – a high profile resource in today’s world – are still managed in ways that would be entirely familiar to an executive from the 1970s.



You are the person tasked with delivering improvements – in energy costs or carbon emissions or both – with problems like these:

* With the head office and unit management demanding excellence, you know that approaches from the 1970s (energy audits, yet another generation of new technology, more stickers on the light switches) are unlikely to be satisfactory.

* The need to meet demands for improvement in the fastest time, with the least investment, and with the most enduring improvements.

* The fact that no one can know everything. You’re willing to get assistance and guidance, but finding an energy coach with business expertise is not easy.


If you find yourself needing to deal with problems similar to the ones above, the Results You Can Look Forward To page will show you ways that enable you and others in your position to not only solve them, but also to raise your energy management success to a whole new level.


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